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Hello I wanted to post my engine for sale. I did a thread a few months ago with pics and dyno information. I`m Asking 12,500.00 for this engine. It run`s great but it didn`t run any better than my P51 engine which is a little bigger at 589cid. This motor did make 945hp on the dyno on M1 methanol with a 1260 sv1 carb Motor has 10 dyno pulls on 8 eight mile passes on it. I have way over $16k in it.

561 cid AFR 300cc heads with T&D rockers
a460 block bore 4.56 with a callies 4.3 magnum short snout crank shaft
ARP main studs with the stock motorsport spayed bolts. Main bearing at .0035 clearance with a Jon Kaase oil pump
Oil pan is a 10qt Moroso chassis pan.
Pistons are a 15:1 billet diamond 5.8cc dome piston`s that are rated for over 2000hp which costed $2200.00 with AP Steel total seal rings.
It has a Innovators west belt drive the their balancer - crank trigger and timing pointer all together.
Comp cams roller cam 280/288 @ .050 with .787 lift - Trend performance .135 wall pushrods and crane ultra pro lifters
I did upgrade the pac springs to a 1324 instead of the 1224 that they came with
Port matched AFR intake to the 315cc heads
Please let me know if your really interested in it
It ran 5.92 @117mph @6200 feet air density in a 3100 lb mustang


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