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AFR heads NOW IN STOCK at CarsByCarl. Ready to ship, TODAY!

-Starting at $2099.95 a pair
-The new standard in 429/460 performance
-Up to 427 / 284 cfm of flow (in/ex)
-Fully CNC ported out of the box
-Dyno proven 80HP over SCJ's
-Adjustable guide plates
-Spring packages for flat tappets and rollers
-Choice of 75cc and 85cc chambers
-Choice of 270cc, 285cc, and 300cc port volumes
-Choice of standard or raised exhaust port
-Intakes, gaskets, and other accessories also available
-Matching Diamond Racing pistons also available, starting at $699.95
-Complete top end kits, starting at $2849.95

Please call, email, or send a PM for more info.



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