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aftermarket/ home made clutch linkage?

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i had problems this weekedn at the bog with my clutch linkage, ive always had it rigged up though because the 33 year old oem parts are worn and shot... any ideas for improvement?
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guess its auto time then!
Last week I broke the driverside motormount on my truck under a load with traction and the motor torqued over enough to pull the clutch linkage apart and dump it all over the ground,luckily I had another motormount and didn't lose any of the parts so it went right back together but I still don't like the stock mounts and don't want to go solid so on another rig a friend of mine(77 ford 4x4 sb w/460) has we built some spool mounts that captures the mount and when I put the 460 in my truck I'm gonna duplicate it, fits with headers too. Built a stand that comes off of the frame with a piece of pipe welded to it sideways with a leafspring poly bushing pressed into it and the mount that bolts to the engine has ears on the front and the back with a 5/8 hole in each end that fits snug over the bushing and a 5/8 bolt goes through the whole thing capturing it, short of breaking the stand off of the frame(doubtable with the way we built it, stand(pretty stout) welded to a doubler welded to the frame) I dont see it failing, but time will tell, and we were able to get the engine exactly where we wanted it. So far so good with it as he pounds on that truck and it's still good to go. It's a 4spd as well, and he hasn't had any problems with it working or staying together since.
Good luck,
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