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AJE K member owners question

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Went to install my aje k member and a arms and noticed that I had to make a spacer on the back side of both arms. It didnt look right to me and now it binds up so much that when I lift the front end by hand it stays up even with engine and trans installed. Wonder if they send wrong arms??

both pics from pass side


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bolts are in the wrong way
yes that is true but that doesnt change the fact that there is space between the k member and arm bushing
did you get washers with the arms?

p.s. loosen the bolts up some and see if they move freely.
I am gonna have to get longer bolts and cut them down. The bolts I have are just long enough to thread on two threads. I cant find an inbetween bolt thats not to long to fit or to short. This is why I have the bolts in the wrong direction the bolts hit the subframe going the other way. AJE never sent any hardware. But they may be to tight I check tonight. I had same brand member in my 94 cobra and the arms fit fine with no spacer. Can anyone look if theres are like this
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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