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Hello I have up for sale all of my remaining 460 parts I have;

1: 429 crankshaft STD STD ready to run
2: 3 timing covers STOCK
3:1968 C8VE block
4: Aluminum Weiand water pump USED but works great
5: Paxton 4 port regulator with Marshall liquid filled gauge
6:Brand new 2 port Mallory regulator
7: Freshly machined .30 over D9TE block like new.
8:Arp Main stud kit for 460 installed in block never used still have original box SOLD
9: 3 sets of Stock head bolts, one set of water pump mounting bolts, one set of main bolts. SOLD MAIN BOLTS
10: 2 New sets of main bearings on for cut .20 and .30 speed pro New set of Hastings piston rings 4.400 bore SOLD .20 AND PISTON RINGS
12:Schneider solid roller cam .762 lift Ask for specs
13:Freshly machined .30 over C9VE block with oil mods
14:Forged steel crank Stock crank offset Pretty rusty I was told it was cracked by a local machine shopped but could be fixed, AS IS
15: Used Wiseco pistons they came out to 504 CI with an offset ford crank,4.390 bore and BBC rod. They are double fly cut for old SCJ and A460. The compression was 15 to 1 with the old ford motorsport A460 Heads no idea any other specs. Little dinged up for nitrous use but great for a HP motor.
16: Set of Wiseco pistons they were used for the old 514 .30 over ford sold there are only 7 nice condition.

I'm sure I have a lot more to sell just make offers on everything I need to save money for a trans for my car. I just don't need this stuff anymore and if an item you are looking for isn't listed just ask I probably have ten of everything. I have No SCJ CJ or Boss parts sorry.:D
Give me a call with offers and please be reasonable 1708 227 9940
1 - 20 of 24 Posts