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All Aluminum BB Ford engine - All new

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For Sale: Aluminum Ford big block Motorsports 460-based engine. 4.390" bore. Blue Thunder aluminum heads with Chevy exhaust ports. Scat billet 4.150" stroke crank with 2.200" rod journals. Oliver billet rods. JE flat-top pistons. T&D custom roller rocker shaft system. CompCams roller camshaft and lifters. Ferrea valves and Trend push rods. Stef's custom dry sump oil pan and Peterson 4 stage pump. Ford Motorsports aluminum intake custom modified to use carb or fuel injection. Engine is complete, manifold to pan. All parts are new. Disassembly for inspection is available. Complete list of parts and engine assembly specs are available. Personal issues force sale. Dyno testing available. $15,000.00 Call for additional details or info.

(315) 343-6030 M-F 8am-5pm EDT
(315) 343-3666 evenings after 7pm
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What kind of numbers did it make?
The engine is all new, never run. It is fully assembled, but never installed in a car.
What is the CR, please?
Also included are the headers for a foxbody and the front engine plate.
Sigh......wanna' trade for a first born son? lol
A bump for 'ya......

Give me a call or forward your email address. I'm having difficulty responding to your message. Thanks

(315) 343-6030 days
(315) 343-3666 eves after 8pm EDT
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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