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I have a novice question. My engine has the Ford motorsports aluminum heads M-6049-A429. My engine builder, (professional, not a backyard buddy), built this engine a few years ago. On the build sheet, he listed the valves as Manley stainless, 2.19/1.76. All the information I've been able to find on this head is that the intake valves were 2.20. He already had these as bare heads in his shop when I took my block and crank to him. Could he have installed this size of valve, 2.19, or was it most likely a typo? I think the Edlebrock heads have 2.19. I know it's a negligible difference, but I'm curious to know if possible and why not have used the 2.20 intake valve size. Also, anyone have any flow numbers for these heads? Thanks,
for the help.. James
...No, I can't ask the builder...long story....
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