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Aluminum Head selection for budget BB+Turbo motor

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I'm in the early stages of a big block turbo fox and we're about to select heads so that we can start on the tubing fabrication. We're going to use a pair of Accufab mid length headers for a starting point and modify them as needed, we got them cheap in new/pre-owned condition and the look like they'll fit flipped side-to-side if we relocate the oil filter. They appear to be setup for stock exhaust ports, but I'm sure there is enough meat there to fit them to a CJ port (and I can always whip out the TIG and add a little meat here and there if I have to). The short block will be an early stock (D1 I think) block/460 crank, probably 4-bolt mains, H-beam rods and probably TRW L2404F dish pistons.

I guess the root of my question is what would be the best flowing large chamber aluminum head with a stock shape port? I've pretty much got it narrowed down to the Blue Thunder 80CC heads with the raised stock port but I figured I'd ask now before we go spend money and see if there is something I've overlooked.

Thanks in advance.
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BT Heads

Don't forget that BT heads also come with 100 cc chamber, if you need something that big.

Other folks here will chime in, I'm sure, but what about the FRPP SCJ's?

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