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An Introduction

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Hey guys, I've been floating around here 4 or 5 years now. I've been racing tough truck competitions in Pemberton and Birken B.C. for about fourteen years now. Truck pulls (pulling a dump truck as fast as you can), hill climbs, mud racing, road rallys and obstacle courses, in street legal trucks.(sort of)
I drive a 76 f150, dana 60's, 4:56 gears welded rear end. c6 auto with 2500 stall, 35's, 38's 44's interchangably depending on the competition. I built a Dove headed 521:
- home port job
- l&l headers
- stealth dual plane
- scorpion rockers
- predator carb
- msd distributor with dual (redundant) ignitions
- cast 4.3 scat crank, eagle h beams 6.7 and probe forged pistons
- I fill up on the way past every gas station
- edelbrock water pump
- comp cams 34-250-4: 240/246 @.050, .584/.588, and lsa 110 deg
- I do all my own work and fabrication (except machining)

This years competition I placed third overall out of 58 trucks, and first in the road rally. The weekend has four events: rally (250 points), 300 foot hill climb (150 points), mud pit (150 points), and all terrain course (250 points). Most points takes the weekend. I peeled a tire off the wheel in the last event because I didn't air them back up after the hill climb. This the first year I ever placed in any event. I borrowed a set of 38 inch boggers to try in the mud. I love em. I usually run 35's just so I dont break anything.
Oh, I also have 2.5" Radflo 14" coilovers with about 11 inches of usable travel with West coast broncos radius arms and custom drag link. 2.5" 18" radflo shocks in the rear with about 15" travel from Deaver springs in the rear.



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more pics

My rear end turned out to be a dana 61 so the 4:56 carier wouldn't work. I fooled around with it for days. finally I cut a ring gear size circle out of a steel table I had and spaced the gear out in order to get the setup I wanted. Then I stuck my welder in there (without disassembling it) and made myself a spool. I only expected it to last the weekend, that was four years ago. I got tired of black and used shaker cans (all your fingers get sore doing this) to get the red grey and white (copied from brodozer - desert team).


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still more pics

For My younger brothers birthday every summer he hosts side by side mud racing in the back yard to whoever shows up.


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