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So we have one more uniformed officer convicted of doing his job. Edwards County Sheriff's Deputy Gilmer Hernandez has been convicted by that sleazebag Department of Justice D/A Sutton. Yes, the same jackass who sent Compean and Ramos to prison has struck again. Hernandez was cleared of any wrong doing by the TEXAS RANGERS themselves. Over a year later......I guess the Mexican government didn't like that and started their horseshit again. Sutton drags illegal aliens into court, grants them full immunity for their testimony, and screws us again. Now, another uniformed peace officer has been victimized by the soon-to-be north american union coalition.


Enough is enough. I am calling for everyone to email me and join in a public show against this injustice. The damned illegals gained national notoriety with their marches and we can to. Texas Congressman Ted Poe has already spoken out to the assembled U.S. House about this injustice. It is time for we, THE LEGAL CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES to fight back.

The Revolution begins now. Please sign the petition and email me for more information.

SD Wheeler
Texas Revolution Party
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