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I've been looking at this site a while now, and thought I'd join up to learn and share, mostly learn. I've got a 1976 F250, 2WD w/ a 460/c6. My grandparents bought this truck new, I can remember being 3 years old and sitting next to Grandpa driving and my Dad sitting shotgun. I've had her now the last 13 years. I love my truck, we have been through alot together, she's more like a old friend. My kids dig riding in it! Here are a few stats:
*Original 460 is gone, replaced w/ earliar 70's 460
*Edelbrock heads and intake
*comp cam and roller rockers
*Holley 770
*Dual Flowmaster
*4" Autofab lift w/ 35's (yep, 35's on 2wd!)
Any help or tips on keepin my truck up to snuff will be welcomed! Thanks


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