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Another Pusjrod Length Question

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Okay....1996 460 EFI engine with F3TE heads and non-adjustable stock rockers.

I measured the lifter preload yesterday and it was .060" (which according to Randy should be between .040" and .080" for a non-high performance setup) and valve lash with a dry lifter is .090". I still have the stock pushrods and that is what I used to measure the length. But this morning, I get to work to measure the pushrods just to make sure what size to order and they measure out at 8.59375" :confused:. I thought the stock pushrods were 8.55". So now I don't know which size to order. If I order the 8.55" pushrods then I take my lifter preload out of whack and the lifter preload goes to approximately .01625" which isn't enough. The valve lash would still be within acceptable range but the preload won't be. So do I order 8.6" pushrods from Summit Racing or what?
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Order push-rods to get the pre-load you want. Be careful, not all manufacturers measure them the same way!
IF a lifter exhibits PRELOAD with a certain length pushrod. it CAN'T also have lash.

Pushrods from an OEM manufacturer are NOT measured "end to end" but, take into consideration the curvature of the pushrod ends and THAT makes it a little shorter measurement.
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