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Another Race & Another Win!

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It was dumb luck the way my truck was running last night but ended up in the top spot again! Have to pull engine though due to busted starter ring on the flex plate. So I am just taking the wifes truck tomorrow.

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Congrats Derrick,

Your putting together a pretty good string of wins!!!! Sorry about your truck. Hope your engine is easier to pull than mine. Mine takes three guys and a goat!!(A real pain).

Good luck with he wife's truck!! Be safe!

Thanks Jeff!!! engine only takes about 30 mins to pull 20 if you hurry :D but won't have a new flywheel until wed. Put my cut tires and an extra MSD ignition on the wifes truck today since she can run them tomorrow seemed to help it a lot!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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