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Another "what'll run thread?"

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D3 heads(very mild porting)
Voodoo 61602
Stealth 8012
Mighty Demon 825
TCI Sat. night special
4:11 gears
315/60 15 E.T streets
This set up is currently in my 79' F-100 (4,000 lbs.) and runs consistent 13.30 (last 2 runs were back-to-back 13.23).With the same engine in a stripped 80' mustang with a C-4,2,800 converter,3:89 gears,and 275/60 15,What can I expect it to run?
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High 11's.
Only 4000? Just had my 1970 F100 in the scales yesterday and it was 4650 with me and a half tank of gas. It's an FE with a manual trans, but 4000 seems light.

High 11's sounds about right though.
Carl,this thing is bare-bones (short bed,10 gal. cell,no heater,"plastic" seats,etc.).
I had a '68 short bed,429,C-6, p/s,p/b,bench seat,basically factory trim and IIRC 4,300 and some change.
Thanks for the replies,this is just a temporary set-up.I'm waiting on the machine shop to finish a 477'',that will eventually be going in the mustang.

D0VE block
SRP 150724 pistons
Solid cam (thanks Scott,RHP)
.254 dur. .615 in.
.635 ex.
Okay,finally got some runs in,definitely have some traction issues.But it's pretty consistent.
60' between 1.69 and 1.75,best e.t 12.181 @ 110.86.Had back to back 12.22 @ 111.
Other motor (477) is about ready,so I might just spray the guts out of this one,lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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