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What is a "Permanent FFW numbers required." ?

I was wanting to see about taking my truck down to the next FFW event and was wondering what I might need to do. I want to race in the Tough Truck class.

I read over the FFW rules and my truck meets all of those. It just depends on the IHRA or NHRA rules. It only runs high 8's in the 1/8 mile so what kind of saftey equipment is a must?

Also what day is this class ran on Saturdays or Sundays? I can't tell from the event schedule.
Saturday May 26, 2007
Open Gates....7AM
Registration & Tech Inspection....8AM-12PM
Time Trials....9AM-11:30AM
Gallop For The Gold....11:45AM
Showdown Qualifying, RDs 3 & 4....12PM & 3PM
Begin Bracket Eliminations....1PM
Car Show Judging....2PM
True Street Cruise....2:30PM
Car Show Awards Presentation....3:30PM
True Street Eliminations....4PM
Showdown Eliminations (1st Round - 32 cars or more)....5PM

Sunday May 27, 2007
Open Gates....8AM
RFC Services....8:15AM
FFW Bracket Tech....8AM-11AM
Time Trials (Back of lanes close at 10:30AM)....9AM-11AM
Begin Showdown Eliminations...11AM
Begin Bracket Eliminations....12PM
True Street Awards Presentation....12PM
Car Show Judging....2PM
Car Show Awards Presentation....3:30PM

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For permanent FFW numbers all you have to do is go to their web site www.funfordevents.com Just join the organization and you can put on there what numbers you want. Or just take whatever number they want to give you. The number just has to follow TT and I think not completely sure that the numbers this year can be done by shoepolish and does not have to be permanent. The safety equipment is the same as with NHRA since that is most of the tracks they run at governing body. This should be a help on what you need or do not read. They also run 1/4 with the TT class. Heres the link http://www.funfordevents.com/index.php?submenu=Rules&src=gendocs&link=Rules_SFI

Good luck I enjoy running both FFW and NMRA of course I enjoy NMRA a little better but to each their own.

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