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I have a set of ported trick flow high ports. Looking to trade for a 514 or something like it just the shortblock obvousuly. (unless you wanna be nice and trade me the whole thing) The heads flow 309/224 and are ported and work great have 675 lift springs and titantum retainers and roller rockers on em.

Also have c6 and nitrous parts and drag springs for fox and other parts...

looking for any shortblock 460-545 something with some decent rods and pistons a cast or offset ground crank is fine)

I also dont mind if it needs new rings and bearings as long as the rotating assembly is good to go.

Dont get me wrong im not looking for hand outs or what not just hard for someone liek me to buld a decent car anymore (21 year old in mechanic school with not much money haha but same boat as everyone else i beleive)
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