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I have MOREL LRR5436 SOLID ROLLER LIFTERS WITH DIRECT OILING for a ford windsor, 8.2 or 9.5 deck, not sure if the oiling is the same on the 9.2 deck I paid 810 for them from Bullet cams.

Also have some pro series 154-4203 head studs for a 351 windsor.

I am trying to part with my previous build so I can finance this 460 :)

the lifters are brand new in a box, and the studs are also brand new in box.

I am thinking around $550 for the lifters

and around $120 for the head studs.

i can definitely send (text or email)or post pics, but do not want to eat up server space on the site and be a pita... let me know.

also have a dart 4 bolt main 9.5 deck block thats supposed to be done next week, its a 427 forged lunati kit with diamond custom flat top pistons, hardened tool pins, neutral balanced.. I will sell it what I have in it for parts once the guys are done machining and assembling.

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