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AOD vs C4

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Few quick questions.. My car currently has an AOD trans. Thinking about a C4.. Are they the same length? And if not, how much of a difference is there? And do they use the same output yoke? Just wondering what sort of modifications will have to be done (other than installing an original C4 crossmember) to get a C4 in there. TIA
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Anyone? :(
The short AOD used in Mustangs and TBird is about 1 inch longer than the C4. The crossmember position is much more forward on a C4 as well.
they both use the same yoke
Sweet. So I could just reuse my old yoke, and have a driveline shop make an aluminum driveshaft for me in the proper length? One more thing though.. What's the deal with the plate between the trans and the engine? I noticed that there are different plates depending on whether or not you have a C4 or AOD/ And not only that, there are different ones depending on whether or not you have a 157 or 164 tooth flywheel. Guess I'll have to find out which one I have :p
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