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Asking for some help with cam lobes

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I have been looking through my books and have only come up with a few camshaft lobe specifications for as many years as I can find thus far. I am trying to locate lift measurements for each year and model of the big daddy engine. If anyone wants to devote a few minutes to post any info it is very much appreciated.

So far..
1970 - 1971 Intake .442" Exhaust . 486"
1977 - 1978 car models Intake .437" Exhaust .481"
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I'm pretty sure you have the production cams covered. There were only a few different lobes that were used and their lobe separation and intake centerlines were altered a few times over the years.

Check with Scott Johnston at RHP I think he's researched all of the factory Ford big block cam combinations.
There was CJ, SCJ (solid) and a P.I. cam. The specs for them were posted on here I think.
Thank you guys, and thank you for the link Dave. Another place for me to go for information on decisions when I start my engine build back up again.
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