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Hello to all,

I've been gleening info for quite some time here and learned lots of info for the 460, but my 460 needs some more direct answers to not so usual questions. I'm sure this will make some cringe when I explain my situation. Firstly my engine isn't really a pure bred 460, in fact it's more a 429 than 460 I think, and this is what brings me here.
I bought a 1997 Ford F700 to haul logs and posts from my land to the mill. This truck came off the line at Ford setup for Schawn's fleet of 429 LPG powered trucks ( the cringing begins ). I got the truck cheap because the once propane fired engine had been converted to gas and the 429 was locked up from setting with air filter top off and water got......well you get the picture. So I pulled the engine and took it to the machine shop where they cringed. After all was said and done the 429 came home rebuilt with the cylinders bored 30 over, replaced the heads with rebuilt 460 heads from a 1973 Lincoln Continental, and replaced the intake with a spread bore quadrajet intake from a 1976 /460. The crankshaft, connecting rods, rocker arms and push rods are the only original parts remaining from the 429.

What I can't figure out is the simple stuff, like what plugs/gap, what timing to use. Do I use 1997/429 specs or 1973/460 specs?

yeah I cringe too sometimes, my livelyhood depends on getting this truck back together and running.
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