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Axle Twist Allowance?

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I've got a '66 Ranchero with a fairly mild 460, C-6, and a 28 spline, spooled 9 inch. After about a dozen passes down the eighth mile, I twisted the left axle. It was the stock 6 cylinder one so I wasn't all that surprised. I replaced them both with heavier Mustang axles and after about a dozen runs, I've noticed the left one is twisted again. I paint a narrow white stripe along the length of my axles and check them every three "post race inspections". This time it's only about a two spline twist and isn't concentrated at the end but runs the length. Is this safe to use or do I need to get out the plastic and go aftermarket? I've heard some slight twist is acceptable but I'm really not very fond of turning left into another car or the wall when launching. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
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It doesn't surprise me when we are dealing with 30+ year old axles... a new set of aftermarket alloy 28 spline deals might hold up just fine. The cost of 28 spline and 31 spline axles are typically the same, if it were me, I would be looking into a 31 spline spool if I were going to pony up for new axles.

I bought moser 33 spline axle and spool package for my galaxie and they have a ten year warranty also
I twisted off 31 splines again and again then I bought a set of 35 spline moser axles and yukon 3rd member and knock on wood no problems yet!

Thanks guys, I've been shopping around and a 31 spline set-up will be going in.
31 and 33 are around the same amount. make sure the spool matchs brands with the axles tho. not all splines are the same.
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