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Bad gas

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I had to stop work on the 460 due to bad gas in my Grand Marquis.
Filled up the car drove out half a tank no issues. Filled up the tank and in less than 20 miles was running like crap. Put in some fuel additives drove another 30 miles got worse. Talked to the gas station owner. He said it wasnt his gas it had to be something already in the tank pushed up from the bottom. Called the state on him.
Car started smoking at all speeds friends were stating they had never seen my car smoke before. Engine has about 15K on it since rebuild. Tail pipe was full of goop. Dummed 14 gallons of fuel out of the tank. Some of the fuel is bear colored some is colored like dark beer. Poored it in a pan and lit it. Did not explode the liquid burned not the fumes (there were no fumes) smoke was black like tires burning.

Did a compression check. The compression had gone from 180 to 190. Pulled the heads. The tops of the pistons had a thick layer of goo like crud on them. The heads were the same. It took 6 hours just to clean the intake / exhaust ports, combustion chambers and valves of each head.
Fab shop custom headers are full of the crud. My 2.5 inch exhaust is now 2.25. Mufflers must be replaced. Wide band sensors are wacked. Hope they just clean up. Woundering if the foam in my custom made ATL fuel cell is melting. I have been at this for about 2 weeks now. Screwed up my reservations for the hollidays.
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Sounds like the old sugar in the gas tank trick, got enemies?:mad:
Sounds like the old sugar in the gas tank trick, got enemies?:mad:
Wow you mean that trick actually works. I pulled the gas tank on a Montego I had a long time ago because it had set too long and there was this thick grainy brown stuff all over the inside stuck there. Dad said he seen one that had sugar put in it that looked like that. The car ran fine the whole time I had it. That sucks if thats what happened, good luck.:)
The tank can only be accessed by opening the trunk.
Thing is, sugar does not dissolve in gas. BUT...if there is any water in the tank it will dissolve in it. IF a mixture of gas and water with sugar dissolved in it gets fed into a running engine it will coat the intake valve stems and be carried up into the guides. It'll keep running, coating the pistons and rings. Trouble comes when you shut it down and allow it to cool off. The sugar then solidifies locking everything right where it stopped. If you try to restart later...listen for the pinging/snapping sounds made by the pushrods. One that I dealt with had to have the heads hot tanked BEFORE they could be disassembled as thintakes were stuck partially open and the retainers coulden't be depressed enough to remove the keepers.:eek:
I ran 2 tanks of good fuel after draining the tank to zip. Never siezed up. The exhaust side and combustion chamber were the worst
I have had people put diesel in my tank before and it will smoke black and ping real bad. I don't know what it did to the inside of the engine it was a company vehicle and they had the tank drained. Did it smoke black?
It smoked black. Kept smoking after draining and running 2 tanks of good fuel. Not as bad though. I figure the deposits left in the cylinders might burn out some but it would leave hardened deposits. The deposits might cause hot spots. I did poor some in a pan and lit it and it burned black. The liquid burned not the fumes as gas would.
I got the engine back togeather. Is running better. Installed some behive springs and titianium retainers. Big differance is weights of them compaired to the dual springs with machined steel units. My engine previuosly incountered valve float just over 6400 RPM. Did a couple shifts on the street at 6800 then 7000. Seemed to just want more. Did one at 7200 from first to second. That was the end of the rear end instantly. It about blew the carrier out of the case. Caps are gone gear, teeth missising on the ring and pinion. Bearing races cracked cover split in half. 8.8 rears suck.
I have also spoke with a few friends in other parts of the country that have purchased fuel from the same company having issues. Many boats at the local marina have had to have fuel drained and work done on them. It looks the same as what I draind from mine. Most of these boats are trailered so its not marina fuel at least that I know of.
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