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I was chatting with Scotty at RHP a couple weeks ago about getting a copy of the flow #'s on some CJ E'brock's he did for me 3 years ago. Needless to say, I've been impressed how my car has run and Scotty was also. He suggested I post the build so here goes. I should start by saying my car weighs 3820+ with me in it. It also has a 123" wheel base so its a load to get going and the motor was build accordingly. Using Virtual engine calculator 2005 and a best run:
1.398 60 ft
105.9 mph
It's putting out around 810 hp. Runs real consistant 6.60's to 6.70 depending on the weather and I'm in Minnesota so those are no sea level runs. After going through my compiled receipts heres a complete carb to pan for less then $9000 and still running strong 3 years later.
$100 used 71 block
$2912bore,0 deck,line hone,545 stroker kit,balance,cam brgs,gaskets,bronze gear,thrust mod
$135 new stock distrib with spring kit,plug wires,big cap,plugs
$75 used aluminum high flow water pump
$1200 bare Edelbrock cj heads new
$1000 RHP port job and bench flow with assembly
$1000 RHP spec'd Delta cam based on comp 304xr,comp roller lifters,Ferrea 6000 valves,and think comp springs
$225 RHP intake port match and plenium porting(ran a 950dp hp at first/6.80-6.90 et's)
$200 used victor intake
$200 new 1.8 roller rockers off ebay (some guy in florida makes them, used to work at crane)
$200 Mr Evans intake and plenium mod for running domminator (picked up 2 tenths easy)
$1050 quick fuel 1050 89 prime/92 secondary
$75 aluminum valve covers ebay (nice, but no upper center bolt hole)
$50 used front sump 9qt oil pan
$175 used crites headers 2" 3 1/2 collectors
$200 jomar stud gridle new for RHP
$80 new 3/8's push rods summit
$24 8 quarts Brad Penn 20/50
$78 gear reduction starter from Performance Rebuilders
$8955 total
With all the above said, I want to thank everybody on 460.com. My son and I started on this car 8 years ago and through its evolution from a C9 headed low 12 second car to where I'm at now couldn't have been acheived without the smarts, other peoples trial and error to get where I'm at now. A mid to low 10 second 57merc wagon ain't to bad. Next, a good crank, 4 bolt main and some of them uncle Charlies P-51's. I can smell 9.50's
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