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BASH DVD Has Escaped!

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I am burning copies now. I will be mailing out the pre-order's starting Monday or Tuesday. Bill and I want to thank everyone who did pre-order the video and those who shoved money into our hands during the Bash weekend. Special thanks to Brandon Reid for the motel room. To Nick Bruno and www.429-460.com for sponsoring the video. You guys are the greatest!

It is a three disk set, Two DVDs plus the Photo CD.

If you have not ordered the video, yet. The Price is $20 + $5 S&H. The PayPal link is: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/w...737ba21b081983b975b35e10fe14f76758e707b997bca

or email me if you want to use a check or money order at: [email protected]

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Thanks for the coverage Nate.can't wait to see me scatter the guts from the rear housing of LiL Tweety.:)
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