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Absolutely no shortcuts were made when building this car. It has the best of everything from front to back. It's an original 1985 5.0 car that has been updated with the 87-93 front end. It was featured on the cover of the April 2008 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine and was featured again in the January 2009 issue.

More photos can be found here: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k300/KB604/mustang/


  • 605ci
  • SVO A460 block 4.625 bore
  • GRP Pro 6.8 Aluminum Rods
  • 4.5" Sonny Bryant Billet crank
  • Diamond pistons
  • Custom Nitrous cam
  • Ported TFS A460 Aluminum heads w/titanium valves
  • Jesel shaft mount rockers
  • Port-matched TFS A460 intake
  • QFT 1250 dominator
  • (1) Edelbrock E2 Fogger
  • (1) Edelbrock E3 Fogger
  • Danny Bee Beltdrive
  • MSD Crank Trigger
  • Moroso foxbody pan
  • CSR water pump
  • etc

  • 25.5 Cage by Amil @ Competition Engineering
  • Tubular K Member
  • Comp Engineering steering rack
  • QA1 Coil overs
  • Aerospace front and reak brakes
  • 9" Housing
  • Moser 33 spline axles (NIB 35 splines included)
  • UPR adjustable upper and lower rear control arms
  • UPR anti roll bar
  • HAL/QA1 double adjustable shocks
  • Stroud parachute and launcher
  • Skinny Kid rear wing
  • Edelbrock 71900 Progressive Nitrous controller
  • MSD 7531 ignition
  • Everything I managed to forget

  • Alone Pope Pro Mod Powerglide
  • J.W. Ultra case and bellhousing
  • 1.82 first gear
  • 9" Nitrous convertor
  • Brake
  • Cheetah SCS and Dedenbear shift solenoid
A set of wheelie bars painted to match the car will go with it. They currently are not installed because they aren't needed when using radials. The most striking thing about the car, to most people, is how quiet it is. It has a fabricated, MUFFLED (not bullets, actual mufflers) x-pipe exhaust system that is quieter than the average Flowmaster-equipped street car. You cannot hear it running in the staging lanes amongst all the open header cars.

The paint is a DuPont candy orange that was sprayed by Paul @ Visual FX in Orange Park FL. It does not photograph well at ALL, these pictures do it no justice.

Car is 100% street legal and is currently tagged and insured.

It can be bought as a package deal with a 44' Pace enclosed car hauler w/living quarters and a tricked out golf cart painted to match. Please understand that this car was built for grudge racing and I will only discuss E.T., trap speed and 60ft times with individuals I deem as having serious interest. I can say at the time the magazine article was written it had performed a best of 8.35 @ 167 through the mufflers on two 175 shots and a conservative tune.

Price is $40,000 (Car only)

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awesome ride k.bingham.what are times w slicks?pat
Thank you. I'm not crazy about the idea of letting it go but it hasn't made a pass in over a year and I don't see things slowing down enough to allow us to do anything with it anytime soon and it wasn't built to sit in a garage. It hasn't made a pass on slicks. It weighs 3000lbs with driver and with both kits jetted for 300hp and the 71900 programmed for slicks - it'll definitely go a LIL bit quicker than 8.35 ;)

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Funny, I have this magazine at my cabin and was rereading the article on your car over memorial day weekend. Punisher or some such. Looks like you spent a ton on it


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