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SCAT BBF 4.500 Crankshaft (used appox. 50passes) $1550

this crankshaft is rated to 2500HP
3.00 main journal
2.200 rod journal
no center counter weights
counter weighted for 6.535 rod
crank snout length 3.550x1.375
serial number 9188.2
dual keyway 3/16 - 1/4

GRP Aluminum Connecting Rods (used 20passes) $525

rod length 6.535
rod journal 2.200
wrist pins .990
big end width .990
small end width 1.200
serial number 39620

Jesel Tie-Bar Lifters (part# PLF-58715) 50passes- $1350

.875 diameter
.100 L-R offset
.760 roller diameter
2.075 center to center
218 grams

Ford SVO 460 Block- $1000

(Block needs 3 sleeves to make it 100%)


All parts listed were together and all prices are 50% off retail cost.
Besides the sleves needed in the block all the parts are fairly new and you could put together a nice short block for half the cost.
I'll take $4000 for all parts listed. Please pm me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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Sorry it took me so long to get back.

I'll be needing one with a bore of 4.440, I already have the pistons. I'll get a hold of my machinist and see what it would cost to re-sleeve an entire block. I know he does a lot of sleeving for dirt track guys.

Dave S.
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