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- For sale, Set of BBF DOVE-A heads that have 2.25, 1.76 valves in them, they have been fully ported, they flowed 345, 180. They have Ferra stainless valves, with Isky springs good to .800 lift, comp retainers and locks, comp rocker studs and guide plates, also included is a set of head studs that have only been torque once. All the surfaces are good. I had these heads on 501 in my prostock pulling truck it ran great and was competive with chevys with merlin heads, they are alowing use to run aluminum, these heads only have 25 passes on them since they were fresh. -$1500 obo

-For sale, 501 cubic inch BBF rotating assembly, 4.14 stroke cast iron eagle crank 2.20 rod journals, 6.8 4340 eagle h-beam roads, 4.390 SRP flat top pistons with .990 rist pins and spiral locks, this rotating assembly is all internally balanced. It only has 25 passes on it, everything looks great, looks like new. - $1500 obo

-For sale, BBF 3.85 stock stroke cast iron eagle crank, it is brand new in the box- $150 obo

-For sale, Set of BBF DOVE-C bare heads they are in good shape. - $200 obo

-For sale, BBF main girdle, with stock main caps that have been milled flat so the girdle sits on it flat, main studs, and windage tray. -$150 obo
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