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I have the following for sale:
-Jeff Johnston / Billet Fabrication BBF oil pan: It is a flat bottom, 10qt, chassis car, baffles & trap doors, for external oil pump. Repaired from previous rod damage, no leaks & was used after these repairs. $350 plus shipping from MI

-RacePak Logging dash (LDX) with Vnet accelerometer: It is in great shape & was working great when removed from car. I upgraded to V300SD setup for more channels. It comes with EVERYTHING as it would from racepak. The accelerometer (G meter) is an additional Vnet channel, Has all wiring, sensors (oil & H2O), 2.125" driveshaft collar, manual, software & software keys. $1550 plus shipping from MI

-Spaghetti Menders full race car wiring system for N2O car: Came on car but we removed since we were not running N2O. Over $2600 new from Spaghetti Menders, called them & they can supply specs & schematics as needed. $1200 plus shipping from MI

-Strange double adjustable rear shocks w/ 110lb springs: Work great, I updated to electric. $500 plus shipping from MI

Contact with any questions


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