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BBF Weiand Tunnel Ram and 660 Holley Carbs

2-660 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor
Part #: 0-4224
Model 4160; No Choke; Mechanical Secondary; Competition Fuel Curve provides Safe and Reliable Horsepower for High Performance Race Engines
Model 4160
2x4 intake manifold
1:1 mechanical linkage
50cc center discharge pump
Side hung float bowls
Single fuel inlet
Center squirter

Ford Big Block
Hi-Ram Intake Manifold
Part #: 1993
HI-RAM SERIES: These tunnel ram Manifolds are used primarily in drag racing, tractor/truck pulls and performance marine applications where high RPM performance is required. The effective RPM range is between 3,200 to 9,000 RPM. The Weiand HiRam, with it''s patented D shaped port runners and large plenum chamber, provides optimum velocity of the air/fuel mixture to the cylinder head intake ports. For maximum performance in a naturally aspirated competition application, the Weiand HiRam is the Manifold of choice
HiRam Intake Manifold 429, 460 V8 ported to Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet heads

2 x 4 carburetor top
Square flange carburetor mounting
Special D-shaped port runner design
Large volume plenum
Power band: 2800-9000 RPM
Height: Front 9.93, Rear 10.31
Port Size: 2.05 height 1.83 width

Parts are in very good condition, will trade for Victor Dominator manifold and 1050 carb setup, may separate if I can sell all
Seller Phone Number: 7059468518

This item is USED

Trades ACCEPTED: 4500 Victor BBF Manifold and 1050 carb

Item Location: SAULT SAINTE MARIE, MI Get Directions To This City

Instructions for buyer: Buyer will have to pay all shipping costs
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