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bellhousing bolts

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Hi all,
Anyone know what size & length the bellhousing bolts are for a 460/C6? Also, where can I buy these....I have none obviously...
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Small parts

Lem Evans has most of the small parts need to assemble the 460s. You might give him a try. Good luck, Ken.

Thanks Ken,
It seems like the little things are taking the most time to gather now:eek:,
I know what you mean. Lem had the balancer spacer I needed.
5/8 is the size of the hole.. but you can order a set from jegs.
The bolts are 5/8 head but the thread is 7/16 coarse.

Thanks for the replies....Used a bolt from my engine stand...it fit, but a little short. I bought 6 grade 8 bolts...the size is 7/16 X 1.25"; with a washer, this gives me about 1/2" of thread into the block. Hopefully I will have the engine/trans mated soon.
Thanks again,
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