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Currently my Fairlane runs at 12.30 @ 110 MPH. What I am looking for is to get the car into the low 11's. The car presently has 460 ci, with D3VE-A2A stock steel heads which have some porting accomplished. It has the Blue Thunder intake with dual four barrel Holley 600's. The cam is a Comp Cam Magnum 10 part # 34-336-4. The grind # is FF292H10. Valve lift is .560 intake and exhaust. The duration is .292. The rear end is a 390 ratio 9" Ford with Detroit Locker

I am looking for what heads to obtain. I have looked at Cobra Jet heads, AFR's, ETC. I am basically asking for the best recommendation for heads.

I am also looking at purchasing newer model Holley carbs to go on my existing intake.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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