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Complete kit, S&W profiled Adapter plate with all bolts/studs, SFI flexplate, crank snout adapter. Allows you to bolt any GM tranny to a BBF.

Plate is 1/2" Billet, waterjet cut to follow contour of block perfectly. Bolt the stock ford starter and use any GM tranny and converter and your golden. Great for 700r4, 2004R, TH350,TH400, 4L60E etc.

I used it for like 100 miles with my 2004R behind my 521 and it worked great but now I'm selling the engine and all my BFF stuff. Nothing like cruising at 2000rpms at 80mph with OD and a lockup converter!

Asking $350 plus the ride. Cost me almost $500 just for the adapter kit. The Flexplate is aftermarket SFI and has both GM and Ford Bolt patterns and its a bolt on flexplate and fits just like OEM. Crank snout adapter bolts on after and centers the GM converter pilot. Very nice kit. Basically a COAN kit with COAN hardware but S&W water jet cuts their own Billet adapter.
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