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1971 Big Block 460 with D0VE C heads. Engine does not have pulleys or brackets. Basically its the block, pistons, complete heads (which look to be original and very clean), and pan. Drop it in whatever you want and add to it what you need. If its a stock application, I can get the brackets and pulleys and almost anything you need to complete the engine. It was a Lincoln Mark III engine. I would like to get $650 so I do not end up loosing money. I will just keep it if it seems no one wants to pay the asking price and put it in something later down the road. Heads alone can sell for $350 used and not refurbished and I have done that. Least you get to see the insides and that can tell you what kind of life it had. I think it was a good one, nothing seems to be beaten up...If I have to, I might tank it, but the price goes up if it gets honed out and cleaned up. That will not be for a while though. Working on my '67 right now.

Before you start to wonder...I know most sites get mad at new members selling things right away, but I came to this site to ask questions about 3x2 intakes for a 429/460 and have been on Fordmuscle asking a lot of questions about 460s before I bought this motor. I did not know this site existed till recently. Its a long story about me asking for 3x2 intakes for 460s, but I do have an engine I would like to get rid of to help buy some parts for my 1967 MEL 462 I decided to keep in my Lincoln. I was going to swap the 462 for the 460 but its a lot of metal work and could end up a nightmare so its up for grabs. Another reason is that I found someone who makes performance parts for my MEL so I do not need the 460 anymore. Bought the 460 with hopes of getting some hp out of it to get my land yacht off the line a little quicker. Anyways, here it is and its a nice original block and the rockers have the FoMoCo on them so they have not been replaced. Still some oil in it so that helped keep things lubed. Not sure of the mileage, neither was the previous owner.

I will NOT sell the heads separately so please do not ask. I got into the 460 parts a little bit ago after buying this engine and I sold heads, but there are none left. A friend has 2 high compression 460s like this one for sale at $725 with more parts and another at $1400 with only 25,000 miles on it and it is complete and should drop in your project ready to go. Its all original and not torn down at all!

Let me know if you are interested and I have photos of the other 2 engines. Thank you.

NOT SURE HOW TO POST A PHOTO FROM MY COMPUTER...will add one soon once I figure it out or can email you some. [/img]
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