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Talking to different machine shops, I go to the track, see who is hauling the mail with a BBF, and ask them who they use.

ONe of the two I have it narrowed down too is telling me "highly recommend) boring and sleeving the lifter bores for a roller cam". 600 bucks just for this.

First I have heard of this in block preps stuff for a BBF?

I am probably border line as to what I need, mostly street with occassional flogging for fun at the track.

What I have mapped out so far:
Kaase Heads
Comp Custom Solid Roller
10:5:1 pump gas
Forged Crank Kit
I beam Rods/H beam rods?

Before I go ordering kits and hauling it all to a machine shop, what do I need to be sure to do. I do plan on dressing and radiusing the returns, and drilling an extra return hole up front.
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