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Blue Bitch build pics #2

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ok guys this should work!!!! let me know what ya think ....Jordan
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1st Class Job Jordan!! Looking good!! When is your first race?

july 23rd racing with monster trucks :) half time show

I need your agent!! I'm racing in front of Hillbilly's sitting on recliners in the back of pick-up trucks backed up to the pit edge (for real) and your are the 1/2 time show for Monster trucks!!!!!


really clean build so far!! are you just running bedside panels or nothing on the back?
Good looking truck. Keep up the good work. What headers are those?
Jeffro...just lucky i guess! ...mudfreak i am gonna run box sides ....Broncobilly...they are schoenfield headers then i sent them out to get ceramic coated...kinda dont wanna go mudding with this truck :)
Nice work on that, I would mud the poo otta that lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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