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I have a new set of Blue Thunder Aluminum Cylinder Heads for sale.

These are the 78cc, BBC Exhaust port style Heads for 385 series engines. They are new castings that feature 2.3" Intake valves & 1.84" Exhaust valves. Chambers are reworked and set at 74 cc's. The Heads are fully ported, and have lots of 'special' work put into them as they were destined for one of my personal engines. Erson FSP Springs(Green stripe) are 1.64" od are good for .900" lift. Erson Titanium retainers are installed along with Teflon Seals.

The Heads are flowed to .850' lift and provide 411 cfm Intake and 310 cfm Exhaust flow.

These Heads will bolt on a stock, Ford shortblock and don't require changing anything to run if you don't want to.

I will put some pictures up later today or tomorrow. Price for Forum members is $3000.00 complete and ready to bolt on, shipped to your 48 state address.

If you want these but don't have all the money right now I will make arrangements to accept 3 equal payments of $1020.00 spaced 4-6 weeks apart to help out.

This is a great set of Heads just waiting for a new home.

My info is in the vendor's section on the Forum. Location of the parts is Anza, CA. 951-763-9765.



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