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blue thunder iron cj heads

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blue thunder iron cj heads. any good?

I saw a set of Blue Thunder iron CJ heads for sale. just wondering what you all know about them, flow numbers, performance potential, do they need a special intake, approximate value, any thing you can tell me about them would be appreciated.
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Takes a standard Cj intake, a Victor single plane will port match ok. I believe the exhaust is raised alittle. If you sent them to one of the cast iron cyl head specialists that advertise on here, I'm sure you could surpass a factory CJ heads by a ways! You'd better snatch'em up, you don't see them advertised very often.
I gave an answer to this on the other forum -
Those heads haven't been made or offered new in at least 11 years.
They are simply the best power producing cast iron head, having stock production valve angles, ever produced.
Like Randy, I gave an answer on the other forum. www.429-460.com

Where you posed the question.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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