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Da Blue Thunda's

As the newest Blue Thunder dealer, give Barry R. a call and help him get his business rolling. Barry is a good egg and has a lot to offer everyone here. If you have questions on install, we have sold these caps to a bunch of folks on this Forum, so there should be plenty of advice available. They are not hard to install, but they do take some time. Anyone down south can talk to Dave Willingham at Paterson Machine in Union Grove AL as we have shipped him a number of sets for Steve's blocks. In fact, I believe he posted on the install some time back.

BTW-If anyone is out in our neighborhood, we have a std bore D0VE block on which we were scheduled to install the BT caps with our Rottler CNC block machine. The customer has had to back out, so the block will be available for sale after the caps are installed. We can install just the center three splayed caps, or all five billet caps-depending on what someone wants. We keep all the caps in stock, so it is no problem to set the block up any way you want. Interested, let me know.

Rob McQuarie
Blue Oval Performance
Englewood, Colorado
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