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It's going to be a street/strip motor in a 67 mustang. Shooting for 800 hp with a aggressive hydraulic cam shifting at 6500 rpm. Possibly adding NOS or supercharger down the road.

At about 500 inches even with the TFS 325 cnc heads, which are the best off the shelf offering in std valve angle, 800 hp is going to be tough with out compression, a very long duration cam and 7000 rpm ish.

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You might have just given a big clue. I believe the Blue Thunders had a couple of chamber CC sizes one being 100cc. The previous owner may have needed a dome piston to get the compression up with the big camber size of the BT head. You need to see if you can find a part # on the pistons.

Is a pump fuel tolerant compression ratio a requirement with this build?
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