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Hello all.......Haven't been on here much but thought I'd share how it went on the first outing.

a little recap.....I replaced all the suspension over the winter and have been trying to hit a single digit for almost 3 years now with nothing but motor on factory cast iorn heads on a 460/520 motor

I have to say I know it wasn't my quicker times, I did manage to pull my same average of 60' times with 500 less RPM. I could never up my launches in the past because of poor suspension and it would break the tires loose. I was launching @ 3800 RPM and next time out I will start @ 4700. I started low cause we did not know if it was going to stand straight up or what.

So I have a couple videos I'd like to share of the day. I had problems after problems but managed to get 2 decent runs out of 5.

Best pass of the day even though I red lighted!

Same race with the GOPRO. Sorry not a computer geek I forgot to turn it off and not the video editing type.

first full use of the GOPRO and look what happens - YouTube

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