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Brian is trying to help out a friend of his. I figured you guys may know this stuff

deathbypsi said:
My buddy has a badass late 70's ski boat he just got finished redoing and is ready to get it wet for the first time this year. The motor blew up last year so he had Bob Fall build an all new 351w for it that he just got running a few days ago. Everything is done but he asked me to stop over and set the timing for him so I did.Now I have never worked on a boat so I wasnt sure about this......

He said another "boat guy" told him to set the timing at 10º and go. I set it to 10º at idle but I noticed it uses a locked out points distributor so even at 4000rpm its still running 10º,no advance at all. To me that seems like not enough timing and might even cause it to run harder and hotter. Or is this OK on a direct drive application? I would think it would be better off running at around 25-30º locked out.

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