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This is not an original boss 302. Asking $1,500.00 for it complete. As of right now you can start the truck and drive it. Runs fine on pump gas. Has about 1,000 miles on the engine.

It has a factory Buddy Bar Boss 302 aluminum intake on it.
Port plates made by MPG that eliminate the intake gasket and reshape the intake port design.
351C 4V heads closed chamber machined to accept screw in studs.
2.225 and 1.75 manley stainles valves.
1.73 Blue Racer roller rockers.
guide plates.
351C 4v cast exhaust manifolds.
exhaust port plates from MPG that reshape the exhaust port.
10:2 compression.
flat top lightweight forged pistons.
bored .060 over.
289 rods.
engine is balanced.
high volume oil pump.
ARP oil pump shaft.
rear sump oil pan.
custom ground solid lifter cam from MPG.
intake duration @ .050 = 215
exhaust duration @ .050 = 225
intake lift = 510
exhaust lift = 536
lobe separation = 112
if concerned obout vacum for brakes the engine pulls 18" pounds of vaccum at 900 rpm's.

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