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NOS 429 SCJ timing pointer - $72.
Boss 429 timing pointer - $96.
Boss 429 oil restrictor galley plug kit w/instructions - $98.
Boss 429 Nascar water-neck aluminum crossover kit - $235.
If you're building a 385 series "Boss 429" engine,
we carry & specialize in NOS Ford and NOS Holman-Moody
component parts! Items such as: heads, blocks, rods, camshafts,
O-ring gaskets, bearings, bushings, oil plugs, crossover sets, etc.
Been doing this stuff for 40+ years and have some pretty trick
pieces on the shelf. Please drop us an e-mail with your parts
inquiry. Always glad to provide assistance in building the right
Boss 429 motor for your 'cause. We have two shops in Spokane, WA
and Las Vegas, NV. Way too much stuff to list.
[email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts