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This block is on the http://www.performanceboats.com/html/forums/showthread.php?t=32425. IT"S NOT MINE... Check it out, if anyone is close to CALIFORNIA,,, PAUL!!!

Before anyone gets too excited, this block is basically junk. Well, almost. First, it needs 8 sleeves. It's bored to 4.530. Holman and Moody siad back in the day that this was OK, and it may be, but it needs boring again. It already has one sleeve, and it has a small hole in it from corrosion. The rest of the cyl's are too poorly scored and/or water damaged to use again.
The block is filled to the bottom of the water pump holes with block-fill.
Someone took a grinder to the top of the lifter bosses for roller lifter clearance, and didn't do a very nice job.
It's only value is in the fact that it is an authentic NASCAR block, with the o-ringed decks, the larger outer bolt on the front cap, and the larger pushrod nothces. It doesn't appear to ever have been dmaged inside. The VIN on the back of the block is: 0F 10 8 68 8, the numbers on the front of the passenger side of the block are: 9J 24 M, and on the small pad next to ther distributor is a small 60J (upside down) and 1237. It has the screw in freeze plugs and all the regular Boss casting ID's.
The block can be restored to servicable condition. Sleeves aren't the end of the world, and if done right, are of no consequense. The block-fill is some what an issue, but my guess is this block would be for limited use in some sort of restoration and shouldn't be a problem, even in a car. The majority of water circulates through the top of the block and heads anyway. The lifter bosses are simply a cosmetic issue, and covered when the intake is in place. The exterior of the block is original, un-damaged and un-modified.

Here's a few pics.
If you're interested, I can also provide the services mentioned above. PM or email me, or call Scott, 805 350 1159
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