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Brake Booster Question?????

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im finally gettin ready to drop my 460 in my fox tomorrow. but my question is i know the stock brake booster will not fit i was told at 1 point i need to buy 1 from a 93' but im not sure, what do i have to use need help asap tryin to get it running for an event at pbir this fri.?????
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you will need a booster from a 87-93 v8 car ! i have stock height valve covers and 1.5" k-member spacers and the valve cover hits the booster, without the spacers the last head bolt hits the booster !
Check this out - http://abspowerbrake.com/ I have it and really like it. Compact and provides more caliper pressure than anything else out there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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