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I have just returned from a deployment and have no use for the motor at this time, other things have priortiy. I have installed a canton from sump pan, you can have it with the pan or with the rear sump pan that came with the motor. I advertised the motor back in Dec. for 7200.00 which is less than what I payed, than added the pan and pickup. I will let It go for 6500.00 which Is a great deal I have over 8500.00 in the motor but I need to part with it, Unfortunatly my loss will be your gain. If you need pics just drop me and email or if you have any questions drop me an email @[email protected] I am located in the panhandle of florida. Remember this motor is brand new and needs a home. Thanks Krist 514 CUBIC INCH 625HP FORD RACING PERFORMANCE CRATE ENGINE ASSEMBLY

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Suggested Retail $8,100.00
Sold In Units Of Each (1)

Package Dimensions: 38.75H x 36.50W x 36.00D
Weight: 543.00#
Catalog Page: 65
Instruction Sheet: N/A
Warranty Available: Yes

M-6007-D514RT*Rear Sump T-pan

625 HP @ 6250 RPM

600 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4800 RPM

9.8:1 compression ratio (nominal)

Forged aluminum dished pistons, M-6108-C514
H-beam connecting rods, M-6200-C514
Mechanical roller camshaft , M-6250-A514(mechanical roller camshafts not recommended for street use; ontact Techline for more details)
High-performance rear T-sump oil pan, fits most Fox body cars
MSD billet distributor

Cast nodular iron, M-6303-A514

Sturdy 460 2-bolt main short block M-6009-D514

M-6049-SCJB “Super Cobra Jet” aluminum cylinder heads

M-9424-H429 “Victor Jr.” single plane intake manifold (requires Dominator carb)

NOTE: See engine installation and tuning tips on page 40. Photo and specs may vary.

Look at what you get

A 514 cubic inch engine assembly that includes the items listed above and a multi-index timing chain, 4130 one-piece push rods, roller rocker arms, HV oil pump, pickup, high-performance oil pan, M-6582-C460 valve covers, aluminum front cover and water pump, damper, flywheel, spark plugs, related long block engine parts and remanufactured block .030" overbore – to which Ford Racing engineers have added:

Ford Racing “Super Cobra Jet” aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly more than production 460 heads. Combustion chamber volume is 72cc (nominal)

Ford Racing “Super Cobra Jet” valve train includes dual-valve springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves. Intake valve diameter is 2.20" and exhaust valve diameter is 1.76"

Ford Racing high-performance solid roller mechanical camshaft M-6250-A514 provides significant horsepower increases above 3500 RPM and good low-end torque. Valve lift is .640" intake and exhaust. Duration at .050" is 254 degrees intake and 258 degrees exhaust

Ford Racing forged aluminum dished pistons M-6108-C514, bore size 4.360" ( .030")

Remanufactured blocks have a clean-up cut to the cylinder head deck, align honed main bearing bore, bottom tapped holes (no heli-coils), new freeze plug and cam bearings

See engine installation and tuning tips on page 40.
Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation:

A different performance oil pan and pickup and oil pump may be required for your application. Call the Techline at (800) FORD788 for more information.

The water pump may work for most 7.5L standard rotation applications.

The valve covers (M-6582-C460) should work for most Mustang and other applications, optional valve covers (sold separately) are available on pages 118-120.

The auto transmission flywheel should work for most C-6 automatic transmission applications. For manual transmission applications use flywheel M-6375-Z460 see below.

If a mechanical fuel pump is to be used, the front cover must be changed, and a fuel pump eccentric added to the front of the camshaft.

Firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8.

Built with current available parts. Photo and specs may vary.

Shipping weight approximately 670 lbs.


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*Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles. | **Direct replacement part.
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