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Brand New in boxes A460 Ford Motorsport heads and related parts for sale!

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Hi folks,

I'm posting this for my dad, he has some Big Block Ford parts for sale. For a complete list of the parts, prices, and pictures see below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call @ (570) 288-1384 after 6pm M-F EST or 8am to 8pm Sat & Sun and ask for John Korus, if no answer please leave message,e-mail: [email protected], or pm me. We are located in Northeast Pennsylvania, particularly the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Metro area, Zip code 18704.

(2) 460 SVO Heads, part# M6049-A460 (SOLD)
(8) Intake Valves, part# M6507-A460 2.30 inch diameter (SOLD)
(8) Exhaust Valves, part# M6505-A460 1.88 inch diameter (SOLD)
Spring Seats, part# M6536-A460 (SOLD)
Rocker Arm Studs, (24 studs) part# M6527-A341 (SOLD)
MSD BB Chevy Crank Trigger 8 inch, part# 8525 & Blaster coil part# 8202 $190 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Mallory Distributor with Tach Drive, part# 6456744 $165 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Push Rods, quantity (16) .437 inch diameter, cut to length, part# M6565-G460 (SOLD)
Push rod guide plates, quantity (8), part#M6566-C460 (SOLD)
Cam Dynamics Lifters, part# 1901 $95 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Cam Dynamics Dual Valve Springs, part# 2802 $125 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Cam Dynamics Valve Spring Retainers, part#3916 $50 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Cam Dynamics Valve Stem Locks, part# 4280 $30 (STILL AVAILABLE)
Cam Dynamics Cam: Grind 312-322-10, 1.71 Ratio, Intake .609, Exhaust .634 $185 (STILL AVAILABLE)

Click the link below to view pictures.
http://s788.photobucket.com/albums/yy169/jkorus/BBF parts/
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Sure, I'll consider offers.
No interest? Parts are still available.
do you have any specs on the heads? i cant seem to find any information on them
THe following items have been sold:
1) Heads
2) Intake/exhaust valves
3) Spring seats
4) Rocker arm studs
5) Push rods
6) Push rod guide plates

Distributor, crank trigger/blaster coil, cam dynamics parts still available see original post above.
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