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All good points, but the OP asked what weight oil he should use. That would be determined by bearing clearances.

This is one of many posts the OP has created about his NEW build.

It appears that answers were offered with the entirety of his posts taken into account.

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I'm not going to put break in oils down and I use them, but back in 1979 I started helping a neighbor race his dirt late model with a solid roller 460cid engine. He helped me build a solid roller 468cid in my first car a Pro-Street Camaro. I built two other cars then we started racing 360 dirt wing sprint cars and twice per year we raced two 410 world of outlaw races. Other than the 410's which we leased, we never use break in oil, I don't think they were even made back then. And we never,....lost the valve train and rings due to not breaking motors in the ''old school way''. Sometimes there was a tiny bit of aluminum in the filters, but not enough to be concerned about. The second biggest advise, use a good filter....change your oil often,...often. But the same way exists today, just don't fire it up and smash the go pedal to impress the girls, cause it sounds cool. 😎
21 - 31 of 31 Posts