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Broader Performance and the Torque Converter

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It seems that my truck has developed some sense of hearing because every time I think I'm going one direction it decides I need to go another. Case in point was the brake change I had planned, rear disc's, hydro-boost and thunderbird calipers with upgraded rotors. The boxes are still on the bench because the truck decided she wanted her tranny looked at. It seems my "ON" "OFF" driving style has taken a toll. I found a guy to do the rebuild who knows C6's, he does the area Monster Trucks. The torque converter......

I ordered the torque converter from a local guy many years ago and all he asked was what stall I wanted. I didn't know any better at the time that it should have raised a red flag. Now is as good a time as any to fix that problem also. Enter Jay at Broader Performance. I bought my E4OD gearset from him, and R Servo and F lever and thought I would see about a torque converter. The time Jay took to review all the material I needed to provide for a recommendation was impressive. From the outset I explained I'm not running a drag truck but a street rod. He looked at all the variables and then we talked on the phone quite a while as he took me by the hand and explained the recommend stall and his two options. I'm placing my order in a couple weeks (the more expensive converter was the most robust) when my overtime comes in but it feels like money being well spent when someone spends so much time dialing in a converter to your exact needs.

I just wanted to give a thumbs up to an excellent transmission guy, Jay at Broader Performance.
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X2......I run a Broader Performace C-6 in my truck and love it. Talked to some of the local rebuilders when I was needing a transmission and they all gave a big frown when I told them I was mudracing. Found Jay and gave him a call, told him my intended use, what kind of racing I was doing, and the build of my engine, THEN he told me my options and what I needed. Ordered it soon thereafter. Transmission shifts great, no problems at all and has held up great!!! Jay even worked to find the best shipper with the lowest price. A-1 all the way!
Well I was able to get the money together quicker than I hoped and placed my order for a billet converter. I'm not excited...............but only 14 sleeps before it's completed! :)
I got home today and had a parcel waiting, 35lbs of beautiful converter:

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Well I got word back from the transmission shop that my trans is toast, I mean badly burnt toast. It was really damaged inside, so much so that now we need a donor C6 for hard parts. You have to love when things are going so well :(
Made a quick trip to the transmission shop, if you call 3hrs each way quick. Took a shot of the guts of the transmisiion laying on the table. The pan looks like it has graphite in it from the ground metal, everything is gouged and you can see metal deposits everywhere. I killed it :eek:

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Well the journey is almost over. The transmission has been completely rebuilt with the help of lots of new parts and a core donor. A big "Thanks" to Frank and others who contributed to putting together a list of what to do for rebuilding. Now just need time in the shop for the install and fill her with type F and see the difference. The shop recommended giving it about 100kms before beating the crap out of it to allow everything to work in. Might be tough as it's soon time for storage :).
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