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RE: low buck 460 combo for 72 LTD vert.

First off build with as many cubic inches as you can afford. That LTD is heavy and needs as much torque as you can muster.

Check out this link to my website that outlines known good engine combos. Pay particular attention to the 460 truck build on page 6 and the 521 truck build on page 5. Either of those combos would turn that land yacht into a tire smokin monster.


Any BBF needs good flowing heads to make the grade. The 460 truck combo can get by with small valve budget castings. Any stroker combo needs large valve heads to breath properly as well as a performer RPM or stealth intake. A performer intake will not cut it. Hood clearance not withstanding of course.

Add a mild stall convertor and you will have more than you bargained for. The 521 combo listed on the site was in a 6,800 pound box van and would run high 14 second quarter mile times heheh :twisted:

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